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“I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Leave”

In thoughts on June 22, 2011 at 9:00 pm

Photo Cred: Me!

The people who live in the mountain, one of whom (remaining anonymous) spoke to me recently, are unlike any other group of people in the world. They don’t just live on the land, they are a part of it, seeing the terrain as an invaluable member of their family, constantly overlooking its dwellers.

I spoke to a young man a few nights ago about the place in which he lived. Bearded and short, he puffed on a Black and Mild, his forehead wrinkled and weathered from thirty some odd years of a mountain life. He lifted his head, gazing at the stars like they were beautiful women. Perhaps to him they were.

“I’ve lived here for a long time. Long time. I don’t think I’ll ever leave. The mountains though, they’re like protection. Nothing gets through those mountains.”

He may have been speaking about the increasingly hateful weather that has blessed this planet of late, but something about the fear and reminiscent uncertainty in his eyes told me otherwise. The people are held close by the cliffs and valleys, hugged tightly. Separated by the geographical hand they have been dealt, these people are protected from some of the true terrors of the world. Yes gas prices may escalate and wars may wage, but those mountains remain staunch and consistent, a veritable wall of immortal incorruptibility.

It is easy to judge these people and call them sheltered and laugh, but what does that say about the culture we live in? ┬áThere is an unspoken acceptance for the judgment and alienation of rural cultures, which I find a little backwards: that an almost imperialistic prejudice should be thrown on a group of people who value living with little and appreciating the land they live in, while those of us who destroy and consume the most are lauded as the world’s elite. I’m not growing dreds or changing to a vegan diet, but as someone who tries to understand the perspective of people vastly different from myself, I can’t help but confront the values that dictate the society in which we live.

Less humorous today, but most times a thought is just as valuable as a laugh.

Until the end, the Mended Blend.