Jesse Gall

Southern Artist Spotlight: Deborah Gall

In SAS on June 24, 2011 at 12:28 pm

Art Karma (Art Car – Muh)

Noun, Singular

1. A specific subset of karma that applies to the behaviors of those in the artistic community. Positive actions beget positive rewards, vice versa.

i.e. –  In an effort to better my Art Karma, I’ve decided to begin a new series called SAS, or Southern Artist Spotlight, in which I will provide a sampling of the some of the artistic gifts that are nestled here in Tennessee. This state is spirited and colorful, fostering an incredibly diverse collection of artistic talent. It is the aim of this series to expose and highlight the unique vision of southern artists. To begin, I offer a bit of nepotism. 


Check her out on facebook or at

Until the end, the Mended Blend

  1. Thanks Jess! You honor me. A facebook acquaintance reposted this as well…good for both of us! I guess these paintings are your new faves? Love you Son!

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