Jesse Gall

I Will Be Smarter Than A Firefly Today

In The Mountains on June 12, 2011 at 12:13 pm

Twice now these finicky little creatures have thwarted my efforts to see them in their natural habitat away from the cabins of Gatlinburg. I keep getting so close to seeing the buggers only to watch the opportunity slip through my hands right in front of my face. I feel like the Susan Lucci of the Smoky Mountains. I suppose in this metaphor that would mean that the fireflies are Emmy trophies and I need this Emmy!

It is the last day to catch the bioluminescence this year, and I doubt there’s a single person in this state who is more driven to see them than I am. I am prepared. I have my camera and I have my lawn chair. That’s pretty much all you need. So I guess it didn’t take to long to get this prepared.


I’ve checked the weather and it looks like a storm today from about two in the afternoon until six. Let’s hope it comes early or not at all. It’s supposed to be 80 degrees and sunny from about seven until sunset. That should be enough time to allow the fireflies to get over their seemingly undying hatred of all things precipitative.

I will see nature’s flickering lamp!

You’ll have to excuse me, fireflies make me wax poetic.

That being said, if I don’t update too much today, worry not. A deluge of material to come tomorrow!


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