Jesse Gall

Synchronous Fireflies: A Live Blogging Event

In The Mountains on June 9, 2011 at 3:12 pm

So if you didn’t know, Gatlinburg has one of the coolest biological attractions in the world, in fact there are only a few places it happens. For one week during each summer, Synchronous Fireflies gather in a field in Elkmont and begin their mating dances, flashing their million lights in unison. Sounds amazing right? That’s what I said, which is why we tried to go yesterday.

Unfortunately, everyone and their mother comes to see these fireflies. When we pulled up to the parking lot at 7 o’clock, the time the trolleys start running to the field in which this particular nature’s wonder would occur, the traffic officer on standby informed us that the parking lot had been filled since 5 p.m. and that if we wanted to get in line we would have to drive back to gatlinburg, hike 2 miles and  wait for a trolley that we might not even catch before the fireflies stopped their little light show.

No thank you.

But today we try again with a revived rigor! Packed with chairs and food, I’m ready to wait in a parking lot for a trolley and see some freakin’ firelies! And you will be with me all the way. I’ll be blogging updates throughout the day, as I’m sure this experience will be nothing but an incredible story to tell.

Talk to you soon.

Until the end, the Mended Blend.

  1. I hope there are pictures to go with these live blog updates. I wish I was there. I bet this will be an amazing sight.

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