Jesse Gall

And so it Blog-ins…

In Humor, The South on June 6, 2011 at 7:04 pm

Hello. My name is Jesse Gall and I am a Tennessean. There I said it. I’ve been a Tennessean for almost my whole life and I hear that with the right treatment, taking it one day at a time, a healthy acceptance might just be possible. I thought I had escaped, doing my college in Austin and my grad school in Bowling Green, but just a few weeks ago my partner, myself, and an obnoxiously large 26 foot U-Haul drove back over those state lines and parked at a little apartment in Sevierville, TN. Good ole 865.

I thought I’d seen it all, living near Nashville for most of my life. I really thought I had. I think I realized I was wrong when we drove by an upside down building with bank-columns (you know the ones) and a not-quite-lifesize replica of the Titanic. Both of which are considered museums by the way. A museum of the Titanic in a landlocked state you ask? That’s the wonderful thing about Tennessee, our greatness doesn’t stop when confronted by things like tact or logic. Nope. We just say, “Well hell, lots of people liked that movie. Betcha lots of people’d come to a quarter-sized replica of the thing, right?”

And that’s how Tennesseans discover niche markets.

I think living here will be interesting to say the least. The Smoky Mountains and the outlying culture offer a unique slice of untouched America. People are nicer, no one has lost a job due to thriving tourism, and locals get discounts everywhere you go. What more could a Tennessean ask for?

I’m going to spend the next year living here. And you will spend that time reading about the prides and ruts, the food and the trucknuts, the mountain’s blue smoke and this place’s untouched hope. Everyday, in at least one way, you’ll hear it all, each pitfall, right until the end on this, The Mended Blend.

  1. We totally visited the upside down building you described last year…and the upside down Titanic! It was a hoot and a half. Hope things are wonderful for you in Sevierville!

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